This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about the project.
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What is Our General Business Idea?

Virtual currencies will revolutionize the modern financial world with the hope of reaching a market capitalization valued at $2,600 Billion dollars by the end of 2022. That is why at Seed of World™ we believe that the sun from the end of the world rises for everyone and this time is the boom of Blockchain technology.

Our cryptocoin also believes in the need to reveal its method for the interest of an entire international community of holders and shareholders for this type of STARTUP closely linked to the agricultural and real estate sector, helping the entire capital industry to reach a new splendor in terms of financial technological adaptation.

With SOWtoken™ we can avoid transactions between banks and financial market units (TOKENS) of our products and services that will always be backed by physical assets and commodities, supported by our own investment projects.

Our main advantage is that each holder receives a reward through Airdrop, where you will see an increase of approximately 1% to 5% per month thanks to your investment.

How Will This New Currency Revolutionize the Market?

Around one billion dollars change hands every day. However, it often takes several days to confirm the money transaction, and, ultimately, we spend a lot of our time in capital trading.

With SOWtoken™ , in just a few minutes you can send money safely and at a low cost. Thanks to Blockchain technology , transactions will be more transparent, secure and faster: holders can easily get Bitcoins and USD in the best online exchange markets.

Our intention is to attract new investors to the market of cereals and star products such as high-quality wines and selected cereals, using transactions through ERC20 Blockchain technology that will revolutionize the stock and capital market by publicly exposing the ecosystem balances to investors.

Who is Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

Taking into account the preceding challenges of the modern world, cryptocurrencies have reached surprising levels in their evolution since they were introduced into capital markets, being people who deposit, maintain and produce high income through the return and capitalization of their money.

It is for this reason that we can infer that SOWtoken™ represents a true innovation for the continuous improvement of its financial assets, generating in the medium term the possibility of withdrawing its shares in current circulation money and of being the owner of movable, immovable and commodities, including a nomenclature of the best wines and star products of our region.

How is Our Ecosystem Formed?

At Seed of World™ we trust our team and its organizational capacity, creating an ecosystem based on global Blockchain, which ensures the profitability of investments in the most intelligent and fully guaranteed way..

Our organizational culture demonstrates that, by joining efforts through the networking of our professional teams around the world, we will be able to efficiently link SOWtoken™ investments in tangible assets and with high commercial exchange power.

How Will SOWtoken™ Grow Your Investments?

Our structure of administration, commercialization and financing of activity related to the information service of this new capitalization methodology will allow us to constantly revalue the currency thanks to the certificates of transactions validated by movable, physical and tangible goods.

The only condition we impose in our work philosophy is that all decisions are taken together and with real participatory democracy. Our holders are not only shareholders that allow diversifying the risk incurred, but also participate in a profitable and secure investment that will receive the dividend of utilities continuously.

Who is the General Promoter of the Whole Corporation?


Alejandro Steiner is a person that no one in his environment expected to see grow the way he did. He has started with an incredible chain of opportunities worldwide, making SOWtoken™ a viable project for an extensive network of international investors convinced that the financial future will be sustained in cryptocurrencies.

With only 18 years, he held the position of assistant director of the real estate company and at 20 years in For 5 years he helped found the companies SearchHome Real Estate Group and Ibcasa, in Spain.

From the age of 25, his job is to add value to properties to later commercialize them, obtaining unbeatable profits in the real estate market in northern Argentina. Today he owns hundreds of hectares in the large department of Anta, in Salta, where he produces cereals.

Also, at that age he founded the I.N.C.A Foundation with number of Legal Entity 1.227 of the province of Salta Argentina, aimed at the labor and social reintegration of low- income people through job training courses.

His imprint and enthusiasm have made him into a renowned young producer dedicated to the agro-businesses of the region. He is also considered a mining expert SHA-256 , he is the co-founder of LLC., and also the creator of the Raptor Cryptographic System that performs large-scale mining in Paraguay with ANTMINNER S9 processors.

Now a day, as CEO of Seed of World™ , he is proud to have developed a one-of-a- kind system that allows you to invest in virtual currencies, secure in real estate, commodities and high-value merchandise in world markets.


Why Should I Acquire SOWtoken™?

Our cryptocoin was developed to reach global competitiveness standards, efficiently managed by direct and indirect collaborators, and supervised by holders who continuously analyze investment projects and the value of their stocks on time and share the actions taken.

Remotely your money can generate multiple benefits for you, your community and the entire world. Our plans assure you that there will always be satisfactory results.

Our objective of livestock exploitation makes us socially and ecologically responsible for the care, maintenance and preservation of the natural environment. That is why we decided to partner with different scientific research centers such as the I.N.T.A. (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) to analyze the best seed genetics and the least polluting agrochemicals available in the market, thus ensuring a crop of products with high added value for the grain and cereal market.

What is the Power of Agriculture and Crops?

Our investment system represents a new and excellent bet within the markets with the best profitability of Argentina and MERCOSUR, based on our Masterplan that includes forestry, oil, agriculture, livestock and other establishments with machinery and technology in rural sectors, commercialization of high-quality wines among the most profitable in the world.

Our community offers you a world class project with real assets, an experienced team and proven track record. We deliver what we promise. In addition, everyone who is familiar with the modern unstable financial system will understand that investing in SOWtoken™ will pay in the future because we have experience in solving different difficulties in traditional agriculture.

This new agro-business model is the name of the Seed of World™ financial ecosystem backed by cutting-edge technologies. We also present other business offers such as planting service for third parties, fumigation and harvesting, thanks to our future agricultural machinery, and for extensive crops, fumigation aircraft.